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Marte, 19 Shkurt, 2019
Dërgo një lajmërim
Mbrojtja e të dhënave personale
Mbrojtja e të dhënave personale
WEB SITE PRIVACY POLICY At lajmerime.com, we are committed to protecting your privacy. This Policy explains how lajmerime.com collects, uses, and discloses the personal information you may provide while using the lajmerime.com Web site (the "Web Site"). It is always your choice whether or not to provide personal information through the Web site. Any personal information you provide will be treated with care, and subject to this Policy will not be used or disclosed in ways to which you have not consented. Also, you may opt-out certain uses and disclosures of your personal information, as explained in this Policy. YOUR CONSENT 1. By using the Web Site, you signify your consent to lajmerime.com's collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Policy. INFORMATION AUTOMATICALLY COLLECTED 2. Non-Identifiable Information - Like many other Web sites, the Web Site automatically collects certain non-identifiable information regarding Web Site users, such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the IP address of your Internet Service Provider, the date and time you access the Web Site, the Internet address of the Web site from which you linked directly to the Web Site, the operating system you are using, the sections of the Web Site you visit, the Web Site pages read and images viewed, and the content you download from the Web Site. This non-identifiable information is used for Web Site and system administration purposes and to improve the Web Site. lajmerime.com may also use non-identifiable information to initiate interactive, real-time discussions with users. Your non-identifiable information may be disclosed to others and permanently archived for future use. 3. Cookies - The Web Site uses "cookies", a technology that installs a small amount of information on a Web Site user's computer to permit the Web Site to recognize future visits using that computer. Cookies enhance the convenience and use of the Web Site. For example, the information provided through cookies is used to recognize you as a previous user of the Web Site (so you do not have to enter your personal information every time), offer personalized Web page content and information for your use, track your activity at the Web Site to respond to your needs, and otherwise facilitate your Web Site experience. Advertisements displayed on the Web Site may also contain cookies or other technologies. Those advertisements may be provided by third party advertising companies, and lajmerime.com does not have any control over, or any responsibility or liability for, the use and disclosure of information collected through advertisement cookies. You may choose to decline cookies if your browser permits, but doing so may affect your use of the Web Site and your ability to access certain features of the Web Site or engage in transactions through the Web Site. 4. Tracking Information - lajmerime.com may use non-personal information to create aggregate tracking information reports regarding Web Site user demographics, Web Site traffic patterns, and Web Site purchases, and then provide those reports to advertisers and others. None of the tracking information in the reports can be connected to the identities or other personal information of individual users. lajmerime.com also may link tracking information with personal information voluntarily provided by Web Site users. Once such a link is made, all of the linked information is treated as personal information and will be used and disclosed only in accordance with this Policy. PERSONAL INFORMATION YOU SPECIFICALLY PROVIDE 5. Your Personal Information - During your use of the Web Site, you may be asked to voluntarily provide certain personal information (such as your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, or credit card information) for purposes such as facilitating communications with you, applying for access to certain special features of the Web Site, or carrying out transactions. It is always your choice whether or not to provide personal information. If you choose not to provide requested personal information, you will not be able to use certain features of the Web Site and you will not be able to engage in transactions through the Web Site. 6. Use of Your Personal Information - lajmerime.com may use your personal information to contact and correspond with you, to respond to your inquiries, to process transactions and payments, and to facilitate and enhance your use of the Web Site. lajmerime.com may develop a confidential customer profile for you, which will be used to provide the very best service to you. 7. Email from lajmerime.com - lajmerime.com may send to you, from time to time, email or other communications containing information about lajmerime.com, and other matters lajmerime.com believes will interest you. At any time you may ask lajmerime.com to stop sending you email and other information by contacting support@lajmerime.com. Also, each unsolicited email lajmerime.com sends to you will tell you how to decline further unsolicited email. From time to time lajmerime.com may also send to you email containing important information regarding the Web Site, which you may not opt out of receiving. 8. Disclosure of Your Personal Information - lajmerime.com may disclose your personal information in the following circumstances: (i) Disclosure to Service Providers - In order to process transactions, lajmerime.com must disclose some of your personal information to certain service providers, such as your credit card issuer, a third party credit verification company, the product handler. Before personal information is disclosed, the service provider will agree with lajmerime.com to protect the privacy of your personal information in a manner that is consistent with this Policy. A list of lajmerime.com's service providers to whom personal information may be disclosed, as amended from time to time, may be found here. If you do not wish lajmerime.com to provide your personal information to those service providers, you may not use the Web Site for transactions. (ii) Law Enforcement and Legal Disclosure - lajmerime.com may disclose your personal information to a government institution that has asserted its lawful authority to obtain the information or where lajmerime.com has reasonable grounds to believe the information could be useful in the investigation of unlawful activity, or to comply with a subpoena or warrant or an order made by a court, person or body with jurisdiction to compel the production of information, or to comply with court rules regarding the production of records and information, or to lajmerime.com's legal counsel. 9. Accessing Your Personal Information - You may request access to your personal information and information about lajmerime.com's collection, use and disclosure of that information by contacting lajmerime.com at support@lajmerime.com. Subject to certain exceptions prescribed by law, you will be given reasonable access to your personal information, and will be entitled to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and to have it amended as appropriate. You can help lajmerime.com maintain the accuracy of your information by notifying lajmerime.com of any changes to your personal information. OTHER MATTERS 10. Interactive Web Pages - Certain pages of the Web Site facilitate real-time interactive discussions between users and lajmerime.com employees regarding products available for purchase through the Web Site. Those discussions are initiated by lajmerime.com employees based upon non-identifiable information automatically collected about Web Site users. You are not obliged to engage in interactive discussions with lajmerime.com employees or provide any personal information during those discussions. Personal information you provide during interactive discussions through the Web Site will be used and disclosed in accordance with this Policy. 11. Contests and Promotions - If contests or promotions are made available through the Web Site, the applicable contest or promotion rules may include rules regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. To the extent that those specific rules conflict with this Policy, the particular contest or promotion rules will govern regarding personal information collected in connection with the contest or promotion. 12. Other Web Sites - The Web Site may contain links to other Web sites or Internet resources. When you click on one of those links you are contacting another Web site or Internet resource. lajmerime.com has no responsibility or liability for or control over those other Web sites or Internet resources or their collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. 13. Web Site Use Agreement and Web Site Transaction Agreement - The Web Site Use Agreement governing your use of the Web Site (which may be viewed by clicking here) contains important provisions, including provisions disclaiming, limiting or excluding lajmerime.com's liability for your use of the Web Site and provisions determining the applicable law and exclusive jurisdiction for the resolution of any disputes regarding your use of the Web Site. Each of those provisions applies to any disputes that may arise in relation to this Policy and lajmerime.com's collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, and are of the same force and effect as if they had been reproduced directly in this Policy. 14. Former Users - If you stop using the Web Site or your permission to use the Web Site is terminated, lajmerime.com may continue to use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Policy as amended from time to time. However, if you want lajmerime.com to stop sending you unsolicited email and other information, or you do not wish lajmerime.com to disclose your personal information please notify lajmerime.com at support@lajmerime.com. 15. Policy Changes - To accommodate changes in the Web Site, changing technology, and legal developments, this Policy may be changed from time to time in lajmerime.com's sole discretion and without any prior notice or liability to you or any other person. New versions of this Policy will be posted here. lajmerime.com's collection, use and disclosure of your personal information will be governed by the version of this Policy in effect at that time. Accordingly, when you use the Web Site you should check the date of this Policy and review any changes since the last version. 16. Your Comments - If you have any comments or questions about this Policy or your personal information, please contact lajmerime.com at support@lajmerime.com. Privacy Policy

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